Men’s Fellowship


The Ark Men’s Fellowship is a multifaceted, comprehensive ministry that is committed to:

  • Expand the Kingdom of God by encouraging and supporting men to walk in their calling and purpose
  • Make disciples of Jesus Christ, both inside and outside of our church. With this goal in mind, our ministry strives to amplify the Christian goals of our church through service, fellowship and spiritual growth by organising inspirational programs to motivate our men to become Godly influences in their home, workplace, church and community.


Our purpose is

  • To encourage, uplift, inform and enjoy this Christian journey together. Just as “iron sharpens iron” the Men’s Fellowship is designed to help us be all that we are purposed/called to be in God.
  • Provide men with a Christian fellowship where they can grow together in their devotion to Christ through Bible study
  • Encourage involvement of every man in the activities-of the   Church
  • Promote strong family ties through education and discussions particularly in regard to the man’s role in family life.
  • To empower men to be financially free trough workshop and conferences



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